Your friend(s) know what they can offer to you.

What would you like for your birthday? You got a wishlist? Now, with the "wishlist" Santé & Minceur, do you offer what you like! You will find here a new handy services: the gift list creation.

How To Do?

Log on the site. If you are not yet customer space, open it now. Then, click the "Shopping List", the green button at the bottom right of the page.

Create your list (Birthday, Christmas, or name it there as you like).

Create your Whishlist

You can create as many lists as you want!

The products you have selected will be added in the list. There you go! you simply go to the products you like, choose the options you want, and let you "add to cart" or you "add to my list" It's as simple as that.

By clicking on "Shopping List", you can view each of the products, and give it a priority (high, medium or low); so your friend (s) will know which products are important to you.

Here you can at will, add, remove or change your choices.

Last step, we must tell your friends about the existence of these lists: Click "Shopping List" and then the name of the desired list; -Finally and - "send this list."

Enter the email addresses of your friend(s) who will receive by return an email with a link allowing them to offer you what you chose!



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