Delivery time

Delivery time

Please note that our website is a ".com", and if our site is able to offer a range of exclusive products; it's because we are not based in UK or USA, but in Thailand.

This means that the average time required for delivery of your package by the postal service can last between 15 and 18 days, which by counting weekends and holidays represent from 21 to 24 calendar days.

Calculated on the basis of shipments in the last six months, here in working days*, the average time of receipt of a package sent by Courrier International:

Days   Europe   UK   Australia   USA   Canada
5-10    22%    12%   13%   2%    4% 
11-15   52%    43%   57%   37%    52% 
16-20    16%   30%    18%    43%   29% 
21-30   7%   12%   8%   13%   13%
31-40   3%   3%    4%    5%   2%
+40   Refunded   Refunded   Refunded   Refunded    Refunded

(*) Working days = calendar day + Saturday + Sunday + public holidays

If you selected a shipping method with tracking, you will soon receive a link allowing you to track your packageonline.

You can access the status of your order and download your invoice from the "Order History" of the "My account" on our website.

If you have a guest account, you can track your order in the "Guest Tracking" section of our website.



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